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Please visit for more information on Scalp Micropigmentation – the ideal solution for thinning and balding hairlines.  Also, Sherene has searched and found the perfect addition to ItGirl Diva Studios commitment to give the best to clients!  Valerie V,  Phi Brows certified microblader recently joined ItGirl Diva to spread the brow joy around to fine women in need.  Valerie was picked from the masses with great scrutiny for her unparalleled skills to give what Sherene demands of herself to clients:  the very best.  Valerie has Sherene’s endorsement as THE premier brow designer, as Valerie received extensive training in Washington D.C. for microblade procedure and endured and succeeded in the six month certification process of having not one not two but ELEVEN levels of mastery to complete. Oh, and did we mention she is a licensed cosmetologist with emphasis on make-up for TV?  Right now Valerie’s microblade service, the same as Sherene’s is only $350! Please click the “book now” icon to schedule our appointment with Valerie.  You know you’re in good hands when Sherene has given her personal endorsement.  You can also expect a follow up from Sherene herself to check in on you to see how your brows are looking, feeling, and wearing after your procedure with Valerie.  Book today with Valerie, you will be THRILLED you did!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – literally.

Whether your style is natural, professional, or so So Scottsdale, volume eyelash extensions and well shaped brows will get you noticed in a way you have never experienced before. Let the skilled lash artists of IGDS customize a lash and brow look for your lifestyle & budget.

Itgirl Diva Studio specializes in lush volume technique eyelash applications and most recently, semi-permanent eyebrows and permanent makeup.

You will love the attention you create as you flutter your swanky lankies. Be the beauty you wish to see. Be the Diva.

Already have extensions but new to ItGirl Diva? No worries, ItGirl Diva staff prides themselves in being your last and only stop for extensions.

  • We welcome you!
  • Often times the skilled trained lash techs of ItGirl Diva are not able to blend previous work from other lash artists to render our esteemed client a safe lush lash look.
  • Corrective work may be necessary and cannot be determined until seen in person.
  • If corrective work is necessary, complete removal will be necessary at no charge.
  • Costs of service will be discussed and agreed upon once determined the time & corrective work necessary.
  • Your first visit for a fill with pre-existing extensions may result in more time needed to lash safely and comfortably on top of other work. We at IGDS do our best to assess in person and cannot make assumptions over the phone or give definitive answers until you arrive at the studio.

The most exquisite Volume Lash Extensions and eyebrow microstroking 3D eyebrow embroidery in Scottsdale.  Hello and thanks for your interest in ItGirl Diva Studio superior lash and eyebrow styling. We are the most creative, detail-oriented, caring eyelash extension and eyebrow microstroking artists ever! We all comprise THE “Lash Diva” of Scottsdale known for various top notch lash and eyebrow services. Sherene received extensive training from Xtreme Lashes in 2008 and LashDip semi permanent mascara in NYC 2010 and became the FIRST certified in the NEWEST technique in lashing “volume 3-D” July 2013 in Scottsdale. Sherene also received extensive microstroking brow shaping in Beverly Hills CA. in November 2015 from world renown Daria Chuprys Permanent Makeup Academy. ItGrl Diva Studio’s quest is to help women find more beauty in their lives. For those seeking the Diva inside, a customized eyelash and eyebrow experience inside chic & cozy ItGirl Diva Studio is a great way to unleash her.

Be pampered at the diva den in Scottsdale and experience beauty that can only be described as extraordinary. An appointment at IGDS is not just about receiving “service”, rather, you’re treated to an “experience”. Whether you’re looking for permanent eyebrow definition, a romantic natural sweepy lash look, or you prefer the ultra glam of dark long and sultry, colored lashes, sparkly crystal bling, there is a lashy look that will be just pur-fect for you. Lash extensions will get you noticed – people will look. You’ll be complimented on how lovely your lashes look. People will notice your eyebrows are ah may zing. Brows and lashes are the perfect little flourish that will enhance everything else you do – skin, hair, makeup.

You’ll love the bow to the brow experience. The volume lash application is relaxing and comfortable. The maintenance is simple. The results are amazing…fun! Also Scottsdale AZ’s #1 Xtreme Lashes products retailer! See you soon,

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