Eye Lash Extension questions answered here!

Why should I come to It Girl in Scottsdale Arizona to get my eyelash extensions?
“It Girl” eye lash extensions give your lashes more volume, length and “ooh la la” factor! Lash extensions are applied to your own existing lashes, one at a time. The entire lash application is comfortable & relaxing. It Girl lash extensions are weightless, resistant to water, showering, perspiration, exercise, tears, sleeping and even swimming. Now you can enjoy beautiful lashes any place at any time!

How long do “ItGirl” Lash Extentions stay on?
Indefinitely! Your careful maintainence & mandatory touch ups are necessary. YOU decide when your next lash fill will be. Routine touchups are needed as natural lashes will shed. (touch ups recommended every 14-20 days).

How long does it take to apply “ItGirl” Eye Lashes?
When lashing Sherene is quite the meticulous artist! Your first time with her may be as long as 3 hours (including consult & after care instructions). Sherene’s goal is to exceed your expectations throughout yours & hers relationship. Her well-appointed diva den allows you maximum comfort while she gives the best lash love ever. Touch up appointments also vary in time and price according to your desired lash look.

What do I need to do for my first lash extension appointment?
Please remove ALL eye make-up & contact lenses. Please be prepared to lie face up for about 3 hours. Dress comfortably. . . and be prepared to fall into blissful sleep!

Will the eyelash extensions damage my own eye lashes?
No, Sherene upholds the highest standards and is meticulous when lashing ensuring a safe application that will not harm natural lashes. The extensions are glued to your natural lashes, one by one. Your natural lash will shed as it normally would in its growth cycle, with the extension still attached. Volume lashes are a whole different and lovelier lashy animal! Several thin light shaped whispy lashes are applied to your own natural lash rendering a VERY VA VA VOOMY lash look. (Remember, no rubbing or picking of the lashes!)

Are there different types of eye lash extensions?
Yes, there are different types of lashes of different lengths, thickness and quality that can be used. Sherene specializes in glam lash sets but creates beautiful natural lash sets.

Why mink lashes?
The answer is simple. REAL mink lashes so sultry yet SO natural. Promising to be light and fluffy, your eyes of ermine can give butterfly kisses! Mink lashes are light, black, shiny & so soft. There is NO other lash as soft & luxurious. Because mink lashes are so lightweight the natural lash can easily support the weight of TWO mink lashes thus creating a more voluminous look. The true beauty is that no two mink lashes are the same, as each mink lash varies in size and shape and is completely natural! Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella & all of Disney’s heroines will envy your lashes as real mink lashes render the true “Disney Doe Eyed” look! Tried and true, mink lashes also have more durability & flexibility in their wear. Sherene’s mink lashes are 100% real mink fur hand selected for their curl, luster & beauty. The mink lashes are harvested gently from LIVE animals. Her supplier ensures these precious lashes are 100% cruelty free, sterilized, hypo-allergenic, without any dyes or chemicals involved.

Are there eyelashes for one-time events?
Yes, absolutely ideal for reunions, anniversaries, weddings, honeymoons, vacations, proms, formals, photo shoots. You can have flares applied for occasions such as a wedding, prom or party that you need a glamorous look for. Flares are quick to add as they are in a knotless cluster rather than single lashes. They have a shorter life span and are easily removed afterwards (generally lasting 7-12 days). Of course all lashes can be glammed up with swarovski crystals and other bling, and with careful attention your glam eye look can last the ENTIRE party weekend. There are special lash makeups too, like eyeliners and glitters made & formulated by Xtreme Lashes that extend your beauty and the life of your lash look! Sherene is the premier retailer of Xtreme Lashes make up. Xtreme Lashes liner, accent glitter, & mascara add that special touch for everyday wear or special occasions.

The “NO NO’s”

  • No getting lashes wet for the first 24 hours after initial application
  • No facial steaming for 72 hours after application
  • Absolutely NO rubbing of eyelashes, especially from side to side
  • No waterproof mascara
  • No excessive touching or cleansing the lashes

The “YES YES’s”

  • Baby your lashes! Schedule routine touch ups no more than every 20 days!
  • Use a tissue or lint free cloth to blot dry lashes after showering
  • Wear Xtreme Lashes make up to ensure the life of your lash look (various shades of signature gel liner, glitter liner, & mascara available)
  • DO try to sleep on your back or on a special lash-protecting pillow (ask for details)
  • Use lint free brushes + non-oily make up remover to remove surrounding make up near your lashes. (liner, shadow & concealer)