Lash fill pricing

Occasionally Sherene imports guest lash extension stylists from around the globe offering various styling techniques.  Click on the “Book Now” to see prices and availabilities.

2024 special new set $195 (reg. $250)

One hour lash fill- $85

75 minute lash fill- $95

90 minute lash fill- $115

first time client lash fill $145 (lash styling on top of previous lash artistry not affiliated with ItGirl Diva)

Two hour lash fill $150

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Diva Lash Upgrades

  • Colored lashes rich with pigment to accent, “eyelighting” your eyes: $30
  • ½ Mink ½ faux mink set $30
  • Full set of authentic mink lashes a.k.a. “The red carpet of lashes” $75 more
  • Diva diamond dust glitter tattoo $25 each or $40 for two
  • Swarovski crystals lash accents $20

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