Microblading Consultation . . . not ready to commit? Come to our studio for a consultation to discuss the procedure, shaping, color and after care!

Boss Brows Microblading/Microstroking initial procedure $285 
This appointment takes about 2.5 – 3 hours.  Appointment includes consulting and FULL brow design/shaping, the procedure and after-care instructions WITH AFTERCARE PRODUCTS. The bulk of the this appointment is time spent creating symmetrical brows your face will love.  Unlimited hair strokes meticulously applied in brow line.  The last hour of this service is YOU bossing your brows, as each stroke is applied exactly where you desire.  This amenity is a “Sherene original” born out of the desire to insure each boss brow client leaves loving their brows.  Credit card deposit may be required to hold appointment.

Soft translucent powder brows $375 a la carte or $200 with Boss brows microblade.  Soft powder brows are the ultimate add on with microblade procedure giving a polished seemless look to brows.  Your healed result will be soft almost see through powdery effect great for camouflaging uneven spots and missing hair in brow line (also spotlighting the crisp hairstrokes).  Both services pair quite well together, and it’s only $200 more with boss brows microblade.  Yes, please!

Microblading Touch-up Appointment $65
If it has been at least 4-6 weeks since your microstroking appointment, please book a touch-up appointment, to create additional hair strokes with perhaps a different brow design, pigment/color rendering an hombre brow look.

Microblading  YEARLY Touch-up Appointment $150
If it has been more than 12Wks since your microstroking appointment, please book a longer touch-up appointment.

Sultry eye lash enhancement $250 or $200 combined with microblading– rich black pigment is deposited into the lash line in between the lashes.  Yes, this is permanent.  Yes, this is painless.  Yes, the results are immediate and finally Yes it looks stunning!  Think of this as eyeliner in the the lash line.  The lash base becomes more dense and thick looking with black onyx tapped in between the lashes.  Not being able to wear any eye make up for 10 days is a small price to pay for such long lasting amaze balls results.  And if you want a little “winged” tail on the end of your sultry lash enhancement we can do that for you too.  Please note, the sultry lash enhancement is not visible on the eyelids, but for sure packs a punch when looking head on to other adoring eyes or when looking up.  This service is PERFECT when booking a microblade service as healing time will be the same. . . and the best part is that when combining this service with microblade boss brows you save considerably! Please click on the “Book Now” icon above or below to find out special pricing. Please click on instagram icon to view pictures of sultry lash enhancement or call 602.680.0008 we will text you photos too.

All microblading appointments are with Sherene or Danika. **** Please note a credit card is REQUIRED to book any permanent make up procedure.  Your card will NOT be charged if 48 hour cancellation notice is given.  Otherwise, card WILL BE CHARGED $75  fee, no shows result in $150 charge.  All clients booking this service will receive a reminder from staff 72 hours BEFORE their scheduled appointment.  You then will have 24 hours to cancel your appointment and credit card will not be charged (as long as 48 hours notice is given).  Acceptable cancellations: cancelling appointment that was booked online, or calling the studio at 602.680.0008   Also when booking this appointment PLEASE INCLUDE A PHONE NUMBER where you can easily be reached at as you will be contacted via phone/text to confirm your appointment.  

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