Enzyme Peel

Lighten and brighten and glow girl with this “stingly” peel. Stingly is a stingy-tingly feel letting you know the enzymes are indeed eating away at the hyperpigmentation, sun spots, fine lines and wrinkles. Double results applied after dermaplane.


Sherene gently removes with sterilized blade the stratus corneum (that’s dead skin build up) starting at the forehead ending at the chin. Blades are dermaplane pro blades, only the finest! Your skin so smooth and brightened. Sherene also includes take home serum and sunblock to wear to protect your most prized asset, skin.

Dermaplane and Enzyme Peel is only $75!

Lash Enhancement / Sultry Eyeliner

Fine tune your eyes with sultry lash enhancement or elegant liner. Want a little wing at the corners? Yeah, we do that too. Expect to feel fierce after typical 10 day healing period.