Sherene, LE, LMT

The Original Lash Diva

A passion for glamour, a passion for lashing/brow shaping – Sherene is the original lash/brow diva, settling for nothing less than amazing, beautiful eyes. Whether it’s glitz or simply natural beauty, she specializes in a variety of lashy looks.

Sherene LMT, LE began her lashy education in 2008 and is currently the only certified 3-D lash stylist in Scottsdale, Arizona. Attending workshops and private sessions with an advanced master stylist/lasher, she quickly got her certification in April of 2009 and then her Advanced certification with Xtreme Lashes in August 2009. Late October 2010 Sherene trained & became certified in the newest trend of lashes and beauty LashDip, the perfect solution for sculpting bottom lashes. Sherene is also volume certified with Russian Lash & Brow Academy.

Committed to the styles and the technology of lashing and brow shaping, Sherene frequently attends additional workshops, events, receiving the best training, most recently in Beverly Hills for permanent make up. She hosted Lash Bash 2013 in Scottsdale worldwide to mentor/help other lashers. She also stays up late surfing the online lashing discussion boards looking for tips and tricks to make her application the most fabulous that it can be.

What drives Sherene’s passion in the land of lashing/brow shaping is making women feel gorgeous! She can see how excited they are when they first look in her mirror and see the first set of lashes that have been applied. But, it’s usually after they get home and really get to indulge in their new Walt Disney-like doe-eyed heroine eyes that the magic happens. And Sherene never misses that follow-up call, because that is when she knows she has made a difference.

When Sherene isn’t glamming up the girls, she’s usually with her dog babes Jedi and Cha Cha, her lovely blinged-out rescue Italian Greyhounds. Or she’s at Neiman Marcus looking at velvety lounge chasises and chandeliers. She’s a reincarnated mix of Marilyn Monroe and Coco Chanel, so her taste for clothes, furniture, art, movies, travel and jewelry can all be seen as a reflection of their lifestyles.

Sherene is the modern “It Girl Diva”. Confidence, style and taste, Sherene just wants to share her gifts with other women, allowing them to feel as “It” as she does. Every woman deserves to experience being a Diva.

Experience luxury. Be gorgeous! Be the Diva.