Sultry Volume Lashes For You!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – literally. Whether your style is natural, professional, or so So Scottsdale, Sherene’s brow shaping and volume eyelash extensions will get you noticed in a way you have never experienced before. Keep in mind, once you get ItGirl Diva Lash extensions applied, you’ll be a.k.a. “certified lash addict”.

Why spend the time and money on eyelash extensions and semi permanent brows? Two reasons – first, it will make you feel beautiful. There is a special power you get when you feel beautiful – use that power to feel like you can do anything! Secondly, ItGirl Diva gorgeous lash application in Scottsdale will get you noticed by anyone, anywhere, anytime! Not to mention, the lush lashes make for great conversation, especially if you’re wearing a few colored accent eyelash extensions!

ItGirl Diva lash extensions are simple and easy to maintain. Extensions, when applied by a meticulous lash artist do not damage your natural lashes! Lash extensions are made in many different lengths, thicknesses, colors & materials. Sherene is well trained in applying any lash look you desire, from natural or more glamorous eyes, promise you’ll love your lash look.

Although, lashes/brows are definitely a luxury item, you’ll fit them in your budget once you’ve experienced the luscious lashes! And is there a price too high for feeling good and getting noticed? People spend tons of money on those things – clothes, working out, being in the “right” places. When you look at your overall feel-good budget (spas, nails, hair, shopping), you’ll see the cost is right in line with any other service and the time it takes to give you the perfect lashes.

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Make-up and Lash Care Products

ItGirl Diva has a full collection of lash products by Extreme Lashes available for purchase. Lash protectors, eye liners, mascaras, make-up removers and more – all created by the lash experts at Extreme Lashes, to enhance your gorgeous new Diva lashes!

You can purchase products online and pick them up at ItGirl Diva Studio.

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For the Bride & Her Divas to Be!

Two or more in the wedding party receiving ItGirl Lash extensions (services to be booked & paid 1 week in advance) enjoy an additional 20% off!

Just say “I do” to gorgeous lash extensions and forget about raccoon eyes in your wedding album! Your special day is the PERFECT time to start enjoying ItGirl Lash Extensions!

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Eyelash Extensions for Men?

Yes, Men! It’s no secret your eye contact can be a “make it or break it” moment in your professional & personal life. Most men know the necessity of a good hairstylist, but overlook the immeasurable value of a great lash stylist. Gain a strong but undetectable edge over the rest. Trust a true Diva to create an attractive yet masculine eyelook just for you! My application of moderate length dark brown lashes will enhance your esteem & looks. With your well styled & groomed lashes the look will be unmistakeable: You’re a man who is ready to give and receive the attention and perks you deserve!

Experience the beauty of ItGirl Diva eyelash extensions. The variety of lash looks to suit your lifestyle and budget is sure to be a fit for you. You will love the attention that you draw as you flutter your lashy locks.

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